22 Jul 2017

Things 2 love

I saw this bag on a website the other day and I instantly fell in love with it. Frankly, I never into such funky bags, but, isn't this cute? I admit that I have the intention to purchase it who knows when (sooner hopefully), but then, when am I going to wear it and where I get to wear it to? Will it be a good purchase? You can get it here.

I've had this t-shirt in mind since the first time I saw it. I like it namely the sayings. That just says it all. I think it would look nice under cardigan or button up shirt. Adding a little something to an outfit rather than just a plain t-shirt. Also it's hard to find a graphic tee with a long sleeve. 

Let me know your thoughts on these items.

A x

14 Jul 2017

What I Am Up To #2

Happy Eid 

As you all aware its the Eid season and its all about eating surfeit of good food and spend some time with the family and friends. Can I just say I do enjoy eating the good food more (oopss..) for the past two weeks. I'm not complaining at all and who doesn't love food? Hopefully get to visit the relatives and some of my good friends before the season's coming to an end soon.

Book/ Magazine I Enjoy 

I try to get myself into reading again and bought this month's Reader's Digest. I've read some of the articles and they really are eye opener. That's the one thing that makes me want to read it. Although it rarely happen, reading before I go to sleep is such a pleasure. I'm definitely will be buying next month's Reader's Digest. Such a good read. 

Shopping List

I'm in need to do some shopping because some of my stuff do need to be replaced. I've been thinking what worth buying and what not. Personally I prefer to buy things that are for sure going to last and also something that's versatile enough and can be worn in many ways. Just another little update: I've ordered couple of things online and currently waiting for them to arrive. I can't wait!

A x

5 Jul 2017

Monthly Goals: July

Monthly goals seem fun at first and months passed I seem to be running out of goals. I realized it's always exciting to challenge yourself, but, it's not as easy and exciting to go through it. You just have to be very open minded and remember that not everything is going to be how you wanted it to be. There's always something get in the way and its fine.

The last month goal is to get creative with my Instagram and I can say I pretty please with very little achievement that I did.


    I have a proof to show you all..
To avoid feeling overwhelmed, this is the one that I decided to focus on this month.

 1. Put my phone away an hour before bed.
My phone is most probably the last thing I put down before I go to sleep. Except for days when I'm just too tired and cannot really be bothered to think about it. A way to remind myself to not just merely spending my time on the phone.

I have been doing daily updates during the
month of Ramadhan. It contains the daily
shenanigans of my life and you can go to
the "Journal" section if you fancy a read. 

A x