Part 8

17 June 2017/ 22 Ramadhan

There's 8 days left before Eid and somehow we (the family and I) just start with our Eid shopping. I would say there's a small chance of succcessful shopping trip because there's some last minute change of theme color. It can be manic as all the places are filled with people who also did last minute shopping. The final color has been decided and we went for green.

18 June 2017/ 23 Ramadhan

Shopping day 2 just because we really cannot go shopping within a day. It does take time to find the one glaringly because of the color again.

Then went to do quick shopping and it was unsuccessful trip. Its getting late and eventually we break fasting in the car.

19 June 2017/ 24 Ramadhan

Receive this earlier today! Yes!! I can't wait to style it. I have a feeling that I'm going to wear it for years and years.

We had Nasi Arab for break fasting today and it was delish! I cannot help it and lost count of how many plates I've eaten.

After the Maghrib prayer, we went to do a little shopping and luckily got what we wanted. The finalized theme color would be brown and green. I'm so elated to find this set of what they called "mini kurung". I'm in love with it and will be sharing the photo of me wearing it!

A x

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