Monthly Goals: September

I am not so sure why every time I set myself a particular goal and I tend to do the opposite. However, last week I've been feeling shattered and sleepy earlier than my normal sleep time. In case you don't know my normal sleep time its 2 a.m the earliest and no surprise I feel more rested after that well-needed 8 hour of sleep. Since there's three weeks left until the break is over I thought to seize the chance to fill my late nights with binge watching You tube videos, Reader Digest reading or even go through my Pinterest. Basically, fill the free time with doing something that I'll enjoy. Late night is most probably my favorite time of the day. 

Here's one for the month of September. I feel dubious and confident at the same time about this, but, let's just see what the end result will tell.

1. Stay offline a day per week.

Stay offline means no access to any social media except for Whatsapp. That's the only way people can reach me in case of something important might arise and rarely I spend hours on there blatantly for nothing, but, to text people merely.

A x

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