My skin #1

Hey everyone! Long time no see. I feel like to talk about the condition of my skin at the moment. I have to say this is the most horrible looking skin I ever experienced, well no actually the second worse. I always wondering how can it get this bad?  I am not happy with how my skin looks like right now. I just hate looking at my face when I have to put my makeup on. Sometimes I do feel a bit insecure people with blemish-free skin. How even that be possible? There will always pimples around my forehead and my cheeks. Always. I don't know what I do wrong. I drink one to one and half litres per day, I wash my face and I put on moisturizer pretty much everyday or it may be caffeinated drink that I drink pretty regularly. I will try to avoid caffeinated drink for awhile. Hopefully, my skin will get better and clear from any pimples. I forgot the feeling of having a clear skin free from any pimples and blemishes.

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