The January Settings.

Hello everybody! It has been five months since the last time I posted anything at all. The only reason for that is because I was really swamped with assignments and studies and also because I'm in my final year at the university. Things can become frenzy at times, but, I glad I did make it. The good news is I have just finished with my final exam one week ago and I am glad to be back again. I just realized this is my first blog post of the year. I will be sharing some of the ideas that have been stuck in my mind lately and I thought I share it here.

1. Love for vintage pants.
Let's talk about vintage pants because I JUST CANNOT STOP BUYING THEM. In case you're wondering what vintage pants are,  they just like other pants except that they're used ones. The first reason why I love them is how unbelievably affordable they are and the second reason because they look just as good as the brand new ones. Currently I have five pairs and I can imagine the collection will grow bigger anytime soon. I have been wearing them loads and they have become my go-to. They also unbelievably comfortable.

2. More about skincare.
I miss having a clear skin and I haven't really take care of my skin as careful as I should. My skin has been looking dull and unhealthy for quite sometime. A few days ago I just had my "aha!" moment and decide to look after my skin seriously . I begin my first move and bought a serum that suppose to help with the types and condition of my skin. I will try to update on how my skin is going from time to time and see what works and what's not. So keep your eyes peeled!

3. Anything red.
Anything that's red in color has the possibility to be included in my to-buy list. I have been looking for a red colored item to add to my wardrobe  and I have just realized my wardrobe has no red item at all. I still been searching for the perfect red scarf and it still in my radar. Hope to see more red(s) in my wardrobe soon.

That's it! Hopefully this will be somewhat helpful. Later, A x.

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