Monthly Goals: August

You know when I say put my "phone" away, I did put it away, but, now I cannot seem to put my laptop away before bed. Frankly, some nights I have a hard time to fall asleep due to overthinking about everything. The one thing that will actually help is watching any videos or Youtube videos (in a low light of course). 

The main takeaway here is to avoid any some sort of electronic before bed. It wasn't a bad achievement because most times I'll be glad to put it away and don't even care about it at all. 

1. Go to sleep before 12 am.

The night time is my time. I feel free and I can do whatever I want at that time. That free time usually ends at 2 or 3 am or even later. I need to go easy with this routine sooner. I need to get a good hours of sleep. Now I realize how bad it has done to my body and I really don't like it one bit. Sleep deprivation is no good. You'll see it soon enough without you even realize.

A x

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