What Comes After 8..

20 June 2017/ 25 Ramadhan

I would say today has been productive. A lot of work done and I also cook the meal for break fasting today and it's the ever so famous Nasi Lemak.  It turns out to be 65% okay (is this the way to measure tastiness of a food?) as it's my first time doing it.

To the mall again to do the last minute shopping. I was amazed by how the kids clothes are very pretty and right up my street. How I wish they had them in my size. I didn't buy anything to the point my father asked me "Are you really not gonna by anything?". 

Before we head home, we had a supper at the nearest mamak. Not going to lie, but, I'm pretty hungry after that 2 hour shopping trip.

21 June 2017// 26 Ramadhan

Wake up a bit early today with hope that I wouldn't sleep after is not that successful. That sleep makes me forget to pass this important letter to my brother. Afterwards I feel bad for myself for not taking things seriously. That leads to so much overthinking and procrastinating.

When something bad happen I always remind myself not to take things for granted, but, I never really remember.

Later that night, we did some more shopping and it was a successful one. The mall as usual is packed with people

22 June 2017// 27 Ramadhan

As usual I slept till noon and feel bad afterwards. Then the mother decided to bake kuih raya
(cornflakes madu). My stomach doesn't feel good that day because I miss my Sahur. Then my sister help with baking the kuih and everything. 

For breaking fast I finally get to go out with the friends and I get to fix my cravings for pasta and chocolaty drinks. We walk around the mall a little bit. I was so surprised we don't take any photos at all and just catching up. It does feel good.

Later that night I slept at 4.30 a.m because I was on duty to check on the last batch of the kuih raya whilst watching Table 19. I give it a go and manage to go through that 1 hour and 30 minute-ish movie. It's a very relaxing movie good for when you had a long day and just want something to watch.

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