The Part Three.

2 June 2017/ 7 Ramadhan

I just stumble upon this ad and it's about the food wastage that most people don't realize. During this time of year, food wastage become pretty serious. People will always oversestimate their hunger and that leads to buy or cook more food than they actually need. Excess food will no suprise going to be left out and discarded in a second. A really good message though and something need to keep in mind.

3 June 2017/ 8 Ramadhan

Start the day by doing some chores as per usual. Then I have a nap and wake up feeling as sleepy as ever. I think I have a problem.

We're going to break fasting out today to visit the brother at his school. A suprisingly pleasant break fasting, luckily it's not as manic as I thought it would be.

Basically, I'm wearing the first outfit for 10x10 challenge, but, fail to take the picture of it. The main problem is always not the right time.

4 June 2017/ 9 Ramadhan

A very chill day today. Not really doing anything that much. Tidy up the house and cook for the break fasting.

I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow as I'll be taking a driving test. I hope I don't screw up and just do the best I could. Wish me luck!

A x

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