The Part 10

23 June 2017// 28 Ramadhan

I'm not gonna lie I feel extremely exhausted after that late night sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to nothing good after all. I was not in the mood the whole day.

We went out to find the scarves and luckily got what we wanted. Obviously it takes forever to find the good one. Then went home a bit late and we still got time to prepare the meal for break fasting.
One more kuih raya before we went back to the hometown tomorrow. We still packing all of our clothes and stuff to bring.

I had a late night cravings and made this potato salad because it looks delish and easy to make. Mine didn't turn out that good but it tastes fine and its edible.

24 June 2017// 29 Ramadhan

Wake up a bit late than what we've plan. Get ready and make myself look more presentable. No makeup though. Last minute check before we start the journey and I'm so gonna miss the cat and the fish. Is that weird? The siblings and I got the chance to sleep in the car on the way to the first stop. We did make a pit stop at Melaka (the hometown) to sorted out with a few things. We also did a little more shopping.

Then the journey to Johor Bahru begins and as per usual I slept all the way until we almost arrive. After that 2 hour-ish car ride we arrived safely Alhamdulillah. As we arrived nothing much to do so I just sit and watch some tv until it was time to break fasting.

Help the mother to cook the meal for tomorrow. I also did iron the "baju kurung" for tomorrow. All done and I'm ready to hit the sack. Obviously we're not really sleeping until 3 a.m in the morning because there's always stories to tell.

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