The Six

11 June 2017/ 16 Ramadhan

I had a nice meal and some coffee during Suhoor. I had an early morning today and I'm proud of myself! Somehow I feel a bit sickly that I don't feel comfortable to be asleep.

The plan is to do some shopping and I would say quite a succesful trip, but, we don't really get the things that we need to get. It also quite tiring as the place is busy with people do some shopping, oh well.

The big family gather for break fasting and yes there's surfeit of food. One food at a time prevent you from overeating and feel tired. <- *reminds myself

A tiring day indeed!

12 June 2017/ 17 Ramadhan

Nothing going on that much today. We still pretty tired from the weekend of going back and forth between three different states.

We arrived home pretty late last night and things happened. We had a late night and a short suhoor from that.

13 June 2017/ 18 Ramadhan

The sister are going back home tomorrow. I can't wait! I'll be having the driving class tomorrow too. Hope I can do better this time. Just need to remind myself to be more focus!
1 page of Quran *checks

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