Part Seven

14 June 2017/ 19 Ramadhan

Today is the second driving class. I feel less nervous compared to the first one and I would say I'm doing a lot better. I feel like I've become more alert and comfortable to control the wheels. We also went on a road and I'm not kidding that I feel pretty scared with everything around. I definitely will prepare myself for the third class especially with the steering control.

15 June 2017/ 20 Ramadhan

Just to make myself feel better I make notes of what I've learn from the driving class the day before. Train myself to be more aware of what I'm doing while driving and not blank during the class.

I've been enjoy watching Youtube videos namely cooking video. Not gonna kidding, but, my stomach cannot stop growling.

16 June 2017/ 21 Ramadhan

I have a great news. Finally I've made some sale yes! I'm so elated and almost believe that there will be no sales made at all. So grateful!

The family reunited again and I miss how pack and noisy the household used to be.

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