Part Four...

5 June 2017/ 10 Ramadhan

Its the day of the driving test! I'm feeling nothing, but, nervous. Suddenly I was told that the driving test is gong to be earlier than the actual plan.

First class turns out to be okay. Somehow I understand the instructions given and all, but, when I start to drive I blank. Maybe I'm a bit too nervous and just imagine things will go wrong. I have to say that's pretty good start as its my first time behind the wheel. A very tiring day I have to say.

6 June 2017/ 11 Ramadhan

I'm still thinking about the driving test and my body is still pretty shattered from yesterday's driving test. I don't have anything to tell today other than overthinking mind and feeling tired.

7 June 2017/ 12 Ramadhan

I sleep at 3 a.m today and wake up at 5 a.m for Suhur. Luckily, I don't feel as sleepy despite the 2 hour sleep I had. I find its hard to go to sleep lately. Maybe I keep thinking about the driving test that I took 2 days ago and lead me to overthink. I try my best to get over it and find the best tips for a beginner drivers like me. It helps me forget about it. Hopefully, the second class will go a lot better than the first one.

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