Monthly Goals: June

I'm so excited as Ramadhan is coming soon. The fasting month. I'm going to do the weekly blogging this time and just update what I've been up to or highlight of the day throughout the month. I don't think I achieve my goals that successfully this month. I guess because each goals need a bit more practice and not really a particular month thing, but I guess this is the start of everything of what I need and want to be doing possibly in the near future. I think this monthly goal thing is part of the learning process.

1. Having an early morning is not as easy if you're a night owl. I feel like you will get so much work done in the morning. I realized when I wake up a bit later I find that I have a short amount of time for each work that I'm about to do. It will ended up make me feel under pressure and not as organize as I want things to. Basically it will lead to more unwanted things happen if you don't aware of it soon enough.

2. Is one enough? I mean the mirror selfie..

3. Dairy drinks are my favorite, but, it sure enough not my skin's favorite. I didn't manage to cut it completely but I manage to reduce it slowly though. It does take time when it comes to your obsession. Hopefully I can maintain to control my obsession a.k.a dairy drinks and just make my skin happier.

1. Be more creative on Instagram.
I wonder how people can easily take and share their random yet unique pictures on Instagram. I still stuck with what photo is "perfect" to share until it made me feel so overwhelmed. I enjoy to look at pictures and how someone's creativity distinct from others. I'm going to use the creative juices of mine as much as I could and let's just see what I ended up sharing. Isn't just this absurd goal yet? I think it is.

That pretty much the only goal I set myself to in the month of June. A lot will be going on this upcoming month and I'm afraid I cannot juggle everything all at once. If any of you have any goal idea that I should give a try for next month leave them in the comment section below!

Here the May Goals!

A x

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