Here's Part Two.

30 May 2017/ 4 Ramadhan

I just discovered reading the driver's manual that I have to read while watching my favorite TV shows (in this case is How I Met Your Mother) is somehow therapeutic. I feel like the pressure of needing to read the book is less compared to when I'm solely reading.

31 May 2017/ 5 Ramadhan

I'm in dilemma today as I've make a silly mistake. It's regarding with the driving school, but, no worries I hope to get it sorted early in the morning.

Also I found this lovely scarf and it is freakin' RM109?!! I really like how simple it is and has this simple floral pattern on them. I'm most probably going to pass it up, oh well.

1 June 2017/ 6 Ramadhan

Finally it's sorted and yes its about the silly mistake. Pheww...I manage to do some work. I also did some reading still with the driver's manual as I will be having a driving test next Monday. Hopefully everything goes well. It's scorching hot today and I just cannot stop sweating. 

Today we (me and the family) went to McDonald for breaking fast. Luckily not many people there and we got a place to eat. I went for the ever so famous beef foldover (Mashwi). I'm basically full after demolished that one set meal. Later that night, we went to get ice cream because I want to try the banana sundae. I'll give it 8/10. If you're not a sweet tooth you wouldn't like it. Other than that it was nice.

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