Halfway Through

8 June 2017/ 13 Ramadhan

We dash off to the airport to send my sister back to Sarawak. It was a rather manic morning.

I get some outfit photos for the 10x10 challenge. YES! I will be sure to share the details soon. All in all, its a very chill day.

9 June 2017/ 14 Ramadhan

Preparation for the second driving class I watch few videos for beginner drivers and hopefully to get the idea what to do and all that jazz. I read all the comment people saying how the video actually help so I thought it would be good for me too.

10 June 2017/ 15 Ramadhan

We(my family and I) are going back to the hometown. I just realized my eyes are tired and that's the reason why I feel sleepy all the time. This might be from looking at the laptop screen way too much.

Just spend the time with the family chatting and eating some good food. That's my weekend!

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