This is The Part One.

27 May 2017/ 1 Ramadhan

Today's going to be exciting as the whole family is reunited. I feel like it's been ages since I saw my sister and brother. Its a nice feeling though to get together like the old times.

On the other hand, I find be a part business is pretty hard. It does take a lot of effort and I need to remind myself everytime that to grow a business is not an overnight job. It does take time. I'm an agent to a particular brand and as an agent there's limitations here and there that you need to obey. I'm definitely fledgeling to the business industry and obviously there are things yet to be learned.

28 May 2017/ 2 Ramadhan

Finally get to wear this blue shawl out, but, maybe I have to find the way to wear it properly? 

29 May 2017/ 3 Ramadhan

I just found out the 10×10 challenge by Stylebee and I decided to jump into the bandwagon because it looks like so much fun. This is the worksheet and l'm excited to be doing this. You can read more here. I will be sure to report back how I get on with the challenge.

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