Monthly Goals: May

April is nearly coming to an end and its time for goals in the month of May. Working on the goals can be somewhat enjoyable and can be a bit pressure. It can lead you to be a bit productive and have an idea what you are supposed to be doing as I'm still overwhelmed by the fact that there's still have four and half months of holiday. I'm enjoying the free time though. Anyway, I shall report the goals from the month of April:

1. I manage to finish the book by Matluthfi. It takes a few days as I have read half of the book. Something need to be done to actually give me the push that I need to finish a book or else the book will be left unfinished forever. I already start with an old book that supposed to be finished way early, but, I'm such a procrastinator.

2. Outfit post as you know is hard for me. I always forget to take one plus I'm just not a photogenic and to get good photos need a little bit of effort. Nevertheless, I will be sure to do one as soon as I can.

Goals in the month of May:

1. Have an early morning. 
To be quite honest I enjoy early morning and hopefully get to catch those sunrises in the morning.

2. Take 10 outfit photos.
Mostly outfit photos are for sure going to be mirror selfie or let's just hope something more than that.

3. No dairy drinks except for the weekend.
I'm a frequent drinker of any type of dairy drinks. That leads to a not so good looking skin of mine and other type of symptoms. I definitely need to control the intake amount of dairy drinks and I already have a feeling that this is going to be complete fail, but, I will try my best.

This is the Aprils's Monthly Goals in case you miss it.

A x

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