I'm Not Really Into Makeup and This is How Much Makeup I Own

Makeup is every girl's obsession, but, apparently not mine. I find makeup is trivial as I'm more interested in fashion bits. To be quite frank every girl need a little bit of makeup to look more like a girl and also to look more presentable, shall I say. I tend to go for a very minimal makeup, clearly as seen by the rather small quantity of makeup I own. So here is the content of my makeup bag and these are the only products that I use to do my makeup. Nothing more nothing less.

1. Powder
Powder is a must to cover those blemishes located on my skin long enough and to even out my skin tone. It does give a light to medium coverage. This might be a surprise, but, this is the only thing I use for my base.

2. Lip balm 
I've mentioned this lip balm million times if you've been here since forever and I definitely need to purchase a new one. This is also great as it does give a little bit of color to my lips if I need to be quick.

3. Lip liner
Apparently I have three lip liners and I never really go for lipstick as I find its quite heavy. I also believe lip liner tend to last a bit longer compared to lipstick and I just could not be bothered to re-apply. 

4. Mascara 
To give a visual that my lashes actually exist and to make me look a bit awake. Most times I skip this step as I don't enjoy to take off my makeup at the end of the day or when I needed to. I will use it when I'm in the mood to put on some "heavy" makeup.

5. Brow definer
This is my favorite step of my makeup as it does transform my face even when I fill them slightly.  Somehow I don't have that much problem with my brows and thus make it quite easy to fill them in.

I find these amount of makeup is already enough either for going out or for a special occasion. I would much prefer spend time to put together my outfit rather than to put on makeup. Honestly, I don't hate makeup in general, I guess I'm just not enjoying the idea of putting on makeup. 

Who's with me or is it just me? 

A x

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