Off-white Pink

Off-white pink the color that I would never imagine I would wear, somehow this particular one from MahkotaKu has become my go-to. I bought this scarf mainly because it was on a promotion and I was tempted to buy something at that time. My first thought is that I would not get much wear out of it and somehow I wear it loads and even get very excited when I get to wear it. If I could wear it everyday, I would. I can prove that I have a good amount of photos wearing this scarf and that's enough to show how much I love it. This color just compliment my skin tone and make my outfit look more put together than it actually is. The material is very beautifully sit and easy to shape. Anything that could make me look good in an instant is literally my favorite, its everyone favorite indeed. If white is not your kind of color, this color would be the next best option. 

I think I've found the right pink scarf and I  love it. I never into pink colour more in my life until now.

A x

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