A Month Without Instagram and How I Feel About It.

Last year I decided to log out from Instagram for a month. It's because I somehow get bored looking at similar things being shared. It's like going through the exact same routine everyday. I also have nothing exciting and beautiful I can share with my fellow followers. Since there's nothing can fill my empty soul in either way I gave up for awhile. 

At first I feel a bit weird as I feel part of my ritual gone missing and Instagram always be the first social media I look at than anything else. It's because I enjoy looking at pictures and get to catch random promotion from my favorite online store, oops! Then day by day I don't feel as bored as I ban myself from going through that "boring world" for a while. Facebook has become a good substitute and at least I have something different to look at. I'm not complaining if I can look at videos of cute cats everyday.

It's liberating, I feel like my mind is free from such trivial things and actually have a spare time for something that need my attention most. I can look at something different that's more exciting in everyday life and not just plainly scrolling through Instagram feeds. To be quiet frank, I can spend an hour or two by looking through discovery. Plus with new added features; Instagram stories. I expect that would take forever. Most people or at least me can be in a completely different atmosphere when I'm on Instagram. I feel like there's so much more than just looking at pictures and stories that people are sharing. I've use my curiosity for something else. Since I'm not so friendly type of person, I feel like this is the perfect time that I can learn to communicate and engage more with people I meet in everyday life than just spending my time interact with people through likes, comments and views.

Sometimes I always tempted to log in as I'll be notified through e-mail saying that people mention or tag me in certain posts. I kind of feel guilty not responding at all as that's people would expect from me. I basically do nothing about it and not even talk about it. People also won't be bothered to even know about it. Trust me. I would also miss my favorite people to follow and wonder what they've been up to. That's the thing that I miss on Instagram just to look at their pictures that's actually quite therapeutic to look at.

Instagram used to be something that I feel is a necessity. I feel like I cannot go a day without looking at my Instagram. Now, its just going to be a leisure thing for me, but, it can be a little stressful and overwhelm at times. I'm not going to completely cut it out as I enjoy anything that has to do with pictures; to take, edit and even look at pictures. It can also be the place where I can get inspiration from. What bore me the most is that the same style of things being shared that I've seen probably about thousand times. Nothing really excite me anymore and I definitely need a break from it now and then. 

What's your thoughts on Instagram? Share it below.

A x

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