January Journal 7

13:18 p.m
Few hours before I go back to Segamat. I manage to finish with few reading. I haven't touch the calculation yet. Everything goes into plan. Apparently, I didn't go for a jog today. I feel complete shattered and I'm going to sleep in the bus.

19:00 p.m
I'm in the bus currently. I've been feeling down lately, not so sure why. I'm somewhat worried about the test tomorrow. I've still got time to read and do some exercises. The test is in the afternoon. I will be arrived at 9-ish I think.

1:52 a.m
I arrived at 10:30-ish. It just tiring like any bus ride ever. I slept in the bus, but, I didn't feel like I'm actually sleeping. I don't think it's the right time to go home. I thought I would enjoy it more. Oh well. Something happened and I'm so thankful to the people who fetch me in the middle of the road. It's such an insane experience. Hoping to wake up early tomorrow and be able to do my test.

This is going to be the last journal. I want to apologize for no outfits photos and the negativity. I'm still learning. I hope you all will have an amazing week ahead.

A x

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