January Journal 6

8:29 a.m
Morning. We get home at eleven-ish last night. It literally took two hours and I think the actual journey would take like 25 minute. I'm shattered and this morning has been not okay. I'm about to clean my room and just get on with the day.

18:50 p.m
I haven't update for a while. A bit busy with housework. I feel so relief after done cleaning the room. Now it feels more like a room rather than a place where I keep all my stuff. I need to catch up with some reading and a homework. Hopefully I'll start with those tonight. I'm flattered to be featured in TrueTudung's Instagram. It's one of my favourite brands to find a good patterned scarf. Basically I uploaded this photo where I wear one of their gorgeous scarf and I get a lot of compliment from it. I just can't get enough with scarves namely floral ones.

22:33 p.m
We've just got back from dinner and I had this lamb black pepper with rice. It was good. The plan is now I'm going to do as much things tonight and not put too much pressure on myself. I also plan on cycling tomorrow and we'll see how that goes. I miss to sweat out.

A x

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