January Journal 5

13:26 p.m
In an hour from now I'm going to sit for a law test. Hope I can do well. Then, I can go home after I finish with the test. I cannot wait any longer. My stuff pretty much ready now. I'll update after I've finish with the test.

17:48 p.m
I'm on the bus and on my way home. I'm somewhat worried about taking the train home later. I haven't ride one for ages. I think I'll take the easiest one, I'm not sure. Earlier today on the way to the bus station there's like a so-called-taxi. I must say it was a bit unsafe because they're kind of playful and we have to pay RM10 each. I think its crazy expensive for less than 15km journey. Oh well, what can I do. All my plans this week has turn something to be something completely opposite. I just go with the flow. Oh and the test is good. I able to do it and now focus on finance subject. I have a test on this Sunday. I know,  sometimes life can get a bit uncontrol.

21:37 p.m
I am shattered. As I said I was going to ride a train home. Then I accidentally hop on the wrong train. The train take too long to arrive. I don't know what time I'm going to arrive home. I'm hoping the train is going to arrive as soon as possible.

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