January Journal 4

10:00 a.m
I was going hither and thither this morning. Do my laundry and get ready for class.  Unfortunately, I don't get to tackle any law. I have so much things to look for today. Let's see what happens in the next few hours.

18:24 p.m
I'm somewhat worried now about the law. I manage to do the topic that I intended to do. I'll try to read  the most that I can. I have a homework that need the attention too. I can see how manic tonight are going to be.

21:49 p.m
I'm about to continue with law. Two subtopics down and more to go. I'm thinking of reading the subtopics that's in multiple choice questions and tomorrow morning continue with reading the subtopics that will be in the essay section. I just had nasi lemak for dinner. Luckily, I got free food; nasi lemak. Yes two nasi lemak in a day.

1:34 a.m
The end of the day now. I'm about to go to sleep. In few hours I'm going to be at home. I can't wait! I hope to wake up as early as I could. See you all tomorrow!

A x

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