January Journal 3

7:14 a.m
Morning! I'm pretty sure I sleep late, but, I feel like I've slept for hours. Wake up feel neither sleepy or well-rested. Whatever it is, I'm going to continue with Law this morning.
8:46 a.m
One subtopic done and still progressing. I think a little at a time is better than actually cram all in one go. Definitely, going to continue this tonight and hopefully more subtopics are going to be covered. One day more before I get to go home. Literally cannot wait!
15:57 p.m
It's scorching hot today. I literally cannot stop sweating! Just got back from an hour class and I get a chance to go on the internet. I just saw Kendall Jenner shoot with Tyler The Creator. It makes me happy with the vibrant colors and the candid shot. So on point! Anyway, I need to tackle couple of works before I go home on Thursday. I also have a test on the same day, hopefully it's going to be alright.

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