January Journal 2

7:20 a.m
Succesfully wake up as I've plan. Plus, I've got a good news: my evening class is cancelled. Yes to no-evening-classes. Just about to read the notes and hopefully do one question for law. Will update you later.

13:49 p.m
Finish with classes for today. I slept during law, which is normal for me. I just can't deal with class at noon. I'm going to rest a little bit and continue with few works on my to-do list. Forgot to mention I'm fasting today and I'm doing okay. There's like five hours left before breaking fast. Let's do this!

19:09 p.m
Few minutes left before breaking fast. I bought fried kuey tiaw and a tea. That'll be enough to fill me in. Sometimes it's good giving people food or you know, sweets! I think its alright, people going to love it nonetheless.

1:12 a.m
Things get a bit out of control. I should be sleeping right now. My friend are a bit late as we've planned to meet and have a chit chat. I still have need to do more reading. Its Law of course. I don't know what's going to happen for the next hours. Signing off now and we'll talk again tomorrow. Bye.

A x

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