January Journal 1

January Journal is going to be some sort of journal of my life in a week. Hopefully there will be outfit photos include and not so necesssry information exclude. Hope it turns out good!

7:16 a.m
I woke up at 6:41 a.m today feeling sleepy as ever and somehow my body isn't stable right now, not sure why.

11:34 a.m
Oh long time no see. I woke up for the second time at 9 something. Clean myself up, have breakfast, do laundry and finish up an essay. So happy I've done most of my to-do-list before noon. Yes to productivity.

16:13 p.m
Just got back from class and bought some food on the way back. I feel kind of down today maybe because I'm just hungry. Really hungry. I'm having some bread and tea before I actually demolished my dinner. Also I'm watching Cheers (80's tv shows).

21:49 p.m
Doing couple more works before I'm ready to hit the sack. Probably going to sleep early tonight. So happy I've make few notes on Law. Hoping for early morning tomorrow so that I could read some of the notes. I definitely need to catch up with some reading for upcoming tests which require lots of reading and thankfully for calculation.

00:00 a.m
Ready for bed now. I keep counting days to go home. There's three days left and I literally cannot wait. It's been three weeks far away from home and feeling homesick is getting unbearable. See you all for day 2 tomorrow!

A x

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