On The Go Essentials.

My morning has been astonishingly short for no reason and basically getting ready is a bit of a pain. These are the things I reach for in the morning pretty much everyday to get myself ready as quick as I could be.

Lip balm.
Something to combat my wan looking complexion. By the way, this leaves a slight red tint and that's enough for a bit of colour. Plus it takes less time to apply than a lipstick.

The only accessory everytime I wear it just tells I'm good to go. It's a fashion statement and it also tells time. A win-win situation.

Everyone's beauty cult, mascara. You can get away from that sleepy eyes of yours in an instant. The only thing that can help for that running late mornings, as that's what my morning has been like. 

What's your on the go essentials are?

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