Omnium-gatherum Of 2016.

Another good year is coming to an end. Frankly, 2017 is a year I'm looking forward too. Just preparing to see what life throws at me and what exciting things might come. Plans and goals are ready on the list take turn to be something amazing, hopefully. 2016 is going to leave soon but, it definitely left with something that worth to be cherished forever, whether it's good or bad.

After few years having fish as the only pet accepted in the household, then two awesome cats turn up and become the new clan of our family is unbelievable and yet so significant. We are glad to have them as part of our lives and they are so lucky to be having the most annoying human friend (me). I love them to pieces.

To be receiving two awards for my academic achievement is something remarkable that I'm grateful for. Focus more on the period in between instead of just the end result is something to keep in mind apparently. I just cannot believe in just less than a year I'll be finished with my studies.

It wouldn't be complete without mentioning about this happy place of mine a.k.a the blog. Thank you to anyone who engage in any way possible, I do appreciate it. I imagine nothing but, to continue on this journey as there's always something that inspires me to. Exciting contents await. Stay tune!

Travelling would be an amazing experience. Hopefully get to travel to new places and just by imagining it already makes me happy. Let's start 2017 with a fresh mind and ready to face the crazy ride ahead.

What's the most significant memory ever happened to you in 2016?

A x

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