The Black Bag

Talk about my most loved bag seems interesting, I surmised why not. The old stuff need the attention too and I think it's way more interesting and has a lot more stories to it. Its just a regular sling bag, its black and its by the brand called Decellini. I remember when this is the only bag I have and never even bothered to buy and even look for any other bag. This bag I got on a sale at such a good price. When I say at a good price, it was a bargain.

I've owned this bag for almost four years now and as long as I remember this has to be the bag that lasts me the longest and it still going strong. It works perfectly fine for me and it fits all my stuff (and my crap) in there. Obviously there's couple imperfections here and there and I'm totally fine with it as they mostly barely noticeable. There are few little rips and the metal detailing looking slightly battered. By the physical condition of it right now enough to show how much I love it.

It has served me well in the time of need. It's looking far from perfect and that's what make me love it even more. The size is perfect; not too big and not too small. I basically chuck everything that I can into the bag until there's barely any space left. It able to keep all my essentials and (people's essential) safely. I remember putting a book, camera, purse and other bits in there. All that fit in a sling bag! I imagine that would be a tote bag.

I always feel like the bag is perfect for any occasion that I might have whether a wedding or just going shopping. I could bring it everywhere and it will always be my running-out-of-time bag. It's such a versatile bag and I feel like whenever I wear it I am good to go without a second thought. I feel like this has to be my most loved bag for the time being or you know forever.

A x

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