Make The Wear Out Of Your Scarves.

I admit that I am obsessed with scarf. I will always look out for something a little different and right up my street. I would say that my new hobby is basically collecting scarves. I have a good amount now and yet trying to collect more, but I stop myself the best I could. The point is now,  how to make the wear out of your scarves? These how I would do it.

1. Overview your outfit.

I suggest to choose the scarf right away after you put together an outfit. I often forget this step and that will always lead me to wearing the same exact scarf over and over again. When choosing the scarf, be sure to rethink what scarf can go with it and be open-minded. Sometimes the colour that you thought will never go together, would actually work. Play around with the colour, go with something that you like and be a little creative.

2. Rummage through your collection.

If you have a variety of colours and pattern of scarves why don't you go through them once in awhile and look at the ones that you haven't worn in ages or the one that is hiding somewhere and bring them out. Try to make an outfit from it. Match it with your favourite outfit, nothing wrong with a little mix and match. It could look good without you even realize. What's the point if you have so many and always ended up wearing the same one over and over again?

3. Manage your "scarf" shopping.

Buying new scarf could make you forget and feel overwhelm by the ones you already have. Try to make a lot of wear out of what you already have and again, be creative. You will be surprised by how many looks you can get from a scarf. Buy something that is going to last you for a long time, it definitely worth it and you might get away from collecting unnecessary ones.

I hope you find these tips helpful in a way. To be quiet frank, it takes time to practise these steps, but you will get there eventually. 

A x

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