Green Floral

My family and I went to Cameron Highland for the weekend. It's a day trip and we try to visit some favourite spots and do as many things as we possible could with the time we have. It was hard to take pictures as it was raining and the place was packed with people. Here are some decent pictures that I took for your viewing pleasure.

                                                            For my outfit, I pair an army-green sweater and a skirt. I never really go with wearing skirt but, I might as well just go with it. To lighten up the outfit a bit, I wear my floral scarf. For footwear, I opted for converse to avoid any discomfort  and freeze my feet off.


Sweater- ti:zed 
Skirt- Uniqlo
Scarf- ErekaJusoph  
Bag- River Island

A x

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