Life Update-7.10.16

Hello people. Just want to share something about yesterday. As I said before I am going to sit for my exam on 7th of October, which means yesterday here in Malaysia. Obviously I was so worried and scared about not going to have enough time to study. I plan to wake up as early as 4.30 a.m and I did it, I know its rarely happened to me. Force myself out of bed and go straight to my table and just read my notes. Something weird happen; I don't feel sleepy at all, I read and memorize my notes and it is all going well. Then preform my Subh prayer and have a little breakfast. Then continue reading until 8.30 something and I  went to clean myself and have 1 hour and 30 minute nap (I need a bit more sleep from that early morning). All going well. Do some more reading and go through all the notes that I have. Then I feel all good and get ready to go to the exam. The exam I would say 70% okay to me. Luckily the questions are not that hard as I thought it would  be. I feel relief with that and ready for the next paper. Two paper down,Alhamdulillah. See you all soon.
A x

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