Enough Blue

Finally! Here's an outfit post after a long time. I am just not good at posing, so that explains why I rarely do this kind of post. I'm pretty chuffed with a few shots taken even though it's random and  a very last minute one. 

Blue themed colour going on in the outfit. Light-blue shirt and darker jeans seems like a good contrast. Look at the picture now I realized the jeans look a bit baggy on me,

This scarf is from TrueTudung. I love the pattern on this, its just beautiful and very feminine looking. It's basically the star of this outfit.

I pair it with blacks; bag and shoes and (watch). 

Hoping for some more outfit posts in the future.

Shirt- Scarlet
Jeans- Ti:zed
Bag- Decellini
Shoes- Hawkeye

A x

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