Life Update- 15.8.2016

Another life update, I hope this doesn't bore you all. I need to talk about what is going on with me lately. I basically didn't touch any book tonight. I watch Youtube, I eat, I fall asleep on my table, clean myself, perform my Isha' prayer and I loafing around with the friends. It's now almost 2 a.m and I have morning class tomorrow. I am just hoping I can wake up as early as I can and may be do some reading. I feel like I am not really focusing on what I need to do. I am not good at managing my time and I feel a little crap to be frank. I also did something crazy or at least for me, I follow someone (crush). I don't know what to feel now. I have to act cool. That is all for now and hoping for a better day tomorrow or you know today. ⛅

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