A weekend post - 20.8.16

    Hello everybody. Its the weekend as you all know. I take a test this morning, Macroeconomics, always exciting. That is a good one. Except that I am too nervous to the point that I cannot write properly. It's basically because most people finish early and I thought that I don't have much time to finish mine. Everything is all right. Actually, there is nothing to be nervous about, maybe because I have set my target and I afraid that I cannot reach it.
    Back to the room, and I did some assignment, there are still things that need to be adjusted. I went for some lunch with my friends and we walk to the tennis court to see my friends play. It is scorching hot today. So hot that I take the opportunity to do my laundry, obviously after I reach my room. Then perform my Zuhr prayer. For no reason, I did some cleaning today. I throw things out, arrange the content of my drawer and wash unwanted smell. It feels so good after that cleaning session. There's literally hair everywhere and of course I get rid of them all. Right now I am about to take a nap. I don't know how long is it going to be, but, I definitely need a rest. Talk to you all later.
A x

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