Ramadhan Day 30 | 2016

    I had an advance Suhoor today, just because I am a bit vexed of missing Suhoor two days straight. My headache is getting worst and I need some sort of medicine thing and a sleep. Before that, I help to clean and tidy up my grandmother's crib and luckily a very simple and short time of cleaning.
    Then we head out to buy things for Eid. Quite a succesful trip and I fell asleep in the car. Alhamdulillah I have picked up the pasty thing and put it at the temple of my head and I feel a lot better. I wake up from a nap before breaking fast and help what I can in the kitchen with the headache. Hours later I decided to iron the clothes for tomorrow, very tiring.
    Then try to get an early night, but, my father decided to go to mamak instead. A fun night out with the boys.

A x

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