Ramadhan Day 29 | 2016

    My family and I are going back to the hometown today. Very exciting yet very tiring because we have got a lot of things need to be packed. We start our journey later than what we've plan. I have to make sure all my stuff are packed as I am going straight back to the college on Sunday. I met my school teacher, I miss her a lot. I think the last time I talked to her was a year ago.
    Since the journey takes 2 to 3 hours, I'm taking the advantage to sleep. I don't feel great at all, the headache is killing me. Then we make a pitstop to buycarpet for the grandmother, very glamorous. I'm actually enjoying it as the worker is very friendly and helpful. Such a great service!
    Then at 7 p.m we arrived safely. A bit later I broke my fast with some fried kuey teow. I have been eating and drinking. Then do a little bit of work cleaning the house. What a tiring day, but, it was good still. Tomorrow is going to be the last day of Ramadhan. I'm going to miss it.

Haven't done this for ages and glad I did it.

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