Ramadhan Day 28 | 2016

    We went shopping again today. A very tiring one as we've been searching for a handbag for an hour or even longer. Guess what, we ended up with no handbag at all. After that, went to Uniqlo to pick up the skirt that I have been wanting and luckily they have it. I'm the happiest girl.
    To the next mall and quite a succesful shopping trip, we have something that we need. To the other mall. Yes three diffetent malls in one day. A not-so-succesful shopping trip.
    Then we broke our fast at mamak as we called it here. It was delicious, I had some rice and okre and fried instant noodles and a tea. So good. Later that night, went on a quick shopping trip to buy a shawl and succesfully found the perfect one. (P.s I am the one who found it) Then an important thing sorted.
    As we are going back to the hometown tomorrow. I need to sort a lot of things as all my stuff are everywhere. I manage to tackle some of it. I sleep at 4 and skip my suhur again.
A x

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