Ramadhan Day 27 | 2016

    For Suhoor today I eat a bit of rice and Tomyam just to fill in my tummy. I also had a tea which my mother made and it was so good.
    As I prefer to do my work in the morning, I figured I will do my homework. I feel a bit relief as I have at least one homework sorted.
    At 9 a.m somehow I feel sleepy and I had an hour nap. Then we plan to go out and do more shopping and I only have a few things left to get. My shawl to go with my baju kurung is done. Then to the mall and obviously I have to help them to do their shopping and it was very tiring. It's hard because we don't have the same taste. I am shattered from that shopping trip that I slept in the car and I have a headache.
    To the next mall and I decided to just stay in the car and have a short nap. Reached home and I sleep some more. Wake up and clean myself up as I don't feel comfortable at all. Then prepare everything for breaking fast.
    Later, I decided to do my homework and a homework done and I fell asleep on the next homework. That isnhow my day ends.

A x

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