Ramadhan Day 26 | 2016

    Before anything, I am at home! I slept at 3 am and wake up at 5 something and wake up feeling as sleepy as ever. I had roti cheese for Suhur and it was good.
Then I binge watching Youtube videos. Something I miss doing. Then perform my Subh prayer. Then watch more videos and the time has come where I feel like I need a sleep that I don't get the night before.
    I was woken up by something. It was noon and I realised I have a lot to do. It was a bit overwhelmed that I ended up not doing much of anything. I planned on doing the homework and you know how hard it would be if there's a thing you need is missing.
    The plan is to break fast outside. I pretty much procrastinate like crazy. I feel a little stressed by everything that is around me. Then I get ready and I was the one who late. We stuck in traffic on the way there and as soon as we arrived we find a place to eat and I had Nasi Kandar which is delicious. I went to Uniqlo to find this skirt that I plan on buying,  but they don't have the black one. I found a pair of shoes that I like and very happy with it. It's time to go home and that is all for today. See you tomorrow!

           Never appreciate a drink this much.

                                      A x

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