First Syawal

    A not so succesful morning. I wake up at 7:41 in the morning and immediately get ready to go for solat hari Raya. Luckily we arrived at the mosque with a few space left for us. After finish with the prayer, I cannot stand up properly because I have been sitting in the same position for a long time and my grandmother decided to squeeze my foot and help me to get up. I cry a little bit as I saw people greet and hug with tears running down their faces.
    As we greet among  the family, I cried some more, I am just that kind of girl. Then photo taking session and I got one picture that I like with the beautiful background. It's on my Instagram. Then I  help with something at the kitchen as our relatives come to visit. Later that afternoon, we had a spare time to have a rest after that busy morning.
   Then get to visit other relatives and I somehow keep eating and eating. Me and the cousins plan to go out late at night and we got home at 4 in the morning. We go all the way up to the fifth floor by climbing up flight of stairs to watch a movie and the tickets were sold out. Then we wander around and decided to get some McDonalds and find a place to eat. A very short and fun night out. A very long day and I feel shattered as ever.

A x

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