Ramadhan Day 7 | 2016

    Yes! I manage to wake myself up this morning for suhoor. I had a cake that I brought from home, some plain water and dates. Then I sleep with my head on the table for a moment and wake up to perform my Subuh prayer and do a homework. I am in a sleepy mode doing my homework this morning, I just can't control myself. Later, I had an hour nap which is fine. I have a class at 10 a.m. and just getting ready to make myself look presentable.
    Can I just say this morning class that I went to is just so fun and full with laughter. The lecturer is so funny and kind enough. Some of the stories he shares really make me realize about something. I  just somehow mesmerized by them. I really enjoying the class.
    At 12 p.m get to the room and did some reading for the evening class and relax a bit. I had a 20 minute nap and it actually help me to go through the evening. I somehow be able not to sleep in the evening class. Impressive! I know!
    I broke my fast with kuey teow sup as we call it here and sirap bandung. Alhamdullillah I feel grateful with the meal that I had. Really make me full. Then I went to the college event and do my homework. I also had a cup of coffee before bed, something I need. That's all for today and I will see you tomorrow.

A x

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