Ramadhan Day 6 | 2016

    For suhoor I had the leftover from the break fast and a chocolate cake. It's not really a cake as it is made out of biscuits. Nevertheless its still good. Then my mother decided to bake a cake. I reluctantly say "Alright." as I feel quite sleepy and it means that I will have no chance to have a nap. Then we don't have some of the ingredients, so we went on a short trip to the nearby shops. By shops, I mean we went to three different shops. The cake looking good and my mother pack some for me.
    I'm going back to college today, not looking forward to this. As there is a plenty of time before I hop into the bus, we do a little shopping for Eid. Baju Raya shopping is hard, but, Alhamdullillah I found the perfect one and it's pretty affordable. It is in my favourite colour, how can I not get happier? Then a pitstop at the nearby mosque to perform Zuhur prayer and bought some food for me to have for break fast later. Get to the bus and found my seat. As I don't get the nap earlier, I'm taking advantage to have it in the bus. I would say I have a good two and a half hour sleep.
    As soon as I reached my room, I lay down for a bit. Then get myself ready for break fast. Watch some How I Met Your Mother and do my homework and now I feel shattered that I just cannot lift my eyelids anymore. Going to bed early tonight. See you tomorrow.

Rarely happened, but it was good.

A x

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