Ramadhan Day 5 | 2016

    It's 7.30 a.m in the morning and I manage not to sleep after suhoor. A big applause because its a big deal to me. I have read this one article that my friend sent about the bad of sleeping after suhoor. Earlier I had fried rice which is delicious, thanks to mom.
    I manage to do a part of the essay, many more to go. I will continue to do it later in the day. I'm about to have a quick nap and we will see at what time I'm going to be awake. Well I had a good 3 hour of sleep this morning. I'm glad I got some work done. 
    Later the day, we did some grocery shopping, a very quick one. By we, I mean my mother and the siblings. Then, I start to prep the food for breaking fast and that one left me with tiredness. Basically, I feel shattered as the weather is scorching hot here. For break fast we had Nasi Arab which is good. Then two hours later I eat some more. I suddenly feel very hungry, what can I do? This one video make me cry, really touched my heart. Right now I'm about to get my homework done and that is all. See you tomorrow. 

A x

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