Ramadhan Day 3 | 2016

    Something not good happened this morning: I missed my suhoor! I wake up at 5:48 in the morning. As usual feel as sleepy as ever, a sleepyhead. Going to class as usual and I have two classes today and they were good. Apparently we left the class with some homework (yeay). What makes today more amazing is I don't have class in the evening. Happy me! I always look forward to have a free time in the evening. I reached room and get some stuff done and watch a couple episode of How I Met Your Mother, just because I want to. A bit vex handling my laundry as something always goes wrong. I cannot wait to be back home tomorrow! Truly miss home and the people.
    As today is a bit chaotic, I have organize some of the things so that the next day would be better and stress-free, obviously it's not going to follow accurately, but oh well. That's all really, see you tomorrow.

A picture of me after class.

A x

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