Ramadhan Day 25 | 2016

    It's the day, to go home for the holiday. I am excited, but, before that I have a class at 10 a.m. I sorted out my laundry and do some cleaning as I'm going to leave the room for a week and a half.
    Everything is ready and I have performed my Zuhur prayer. All is good and I go. Me and my friends are in the same bus and we decided to go together. As we have ample time before we hop in to the bus, we did wander around and did a few cheeky purchases. My friends did and I don't buy any. We did go to the Watson and did learn something about beauty related. We share our thoughts on some of the products there and make me do the list of things I need or want to buy.
    Then get to my seat and luckily I get to sit next to a girl which is very friendly. I basically slept all the way to the point that I don't realise my father calls me. I sleep like crazy. I had some water in the bus as it's time to break fast.
    Alhamdulillah safely arrived and thanks to my mom for fulfilling my cravings and bought me the ever so famous Mashwi Foldover from McDonalds. Finally reunited with the sister after two months. Make a quick pitstop at the nearest mosque to perform Maghrib prayer. We did a shopping trip and I get to have the mata kucing ice cream from McDonalds, worth a try.
    A few hours later, I reached home and it feels so good. Try some clothes on and spending some time with the fam. I sleep at 3 a.m, yes very late.

A x

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