Ramadhan Day 24 | 2016

    Going to class early today as I have something to do. Something weird happen today as this one person was shocked by me. I basically just stand there reading my book. I feel guilty for her as she was in real shock.
    I had a quiz which is quite tricky. At first, I have high hope on this. After we have dicuss the quiz, I change my mind.
    I get to the room and laying on the bed and as usual fell asleep in the middle of looking at my phone.
    I also had an iftar with my friends' classmates and it was quite fun. They are alright with me joining in. Today is the last Iftar here, which I feel a bit sad about.
    Then later at night, me and my friends wander around as we making ourselves free as we are going back for holiday tomorrow.
A x

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