Ramadhan Day 23 | 2016

    The day that I'm not looking forward to. The day where I cannot get back to the room during break. We are asked to attend a competition regarding the presentation that we will be doing. I have to carry my backpack instead of my go-to tote bag. My bag is basically hefty as I have two pretty thick books and one thick book. I brought my telekung with me so that I can perform my Zuhur prayer, but, the prayer room is packed. I also bring my powerbank so that my phone is not dying.
   I also did a purchase with the intention to wear it with my friend and its the colour that I never thought I would wear, still its beautiful. I reached room at 4 something and I perform my Zuhur prayer that I didn't get to do it earlier. I do my laundry. Since I've been planning to have a iftar together with the classmates just the girls. I have to find some table to book for later. Unfortunately, all the tables were booked. Then I found this place outdoor and it's actually enough for all of us. Then, wait for everyone to come and we actually having a great time and can you believe it I am the one who's planning to have this iftar. I feel so good as the plan is succesful.
    A bit later, I procrastinate and decided to do my homework. That is it for today. See you all tomorrow.

A x

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