Ramadhan Day 22 | 2016

It's Monday! It has been a slow start because I feel sleepy. It was good in the class today and Alhamdulillah the report that we've submitted yesterday was good. The plan as I reach room is to read something for the quiz this Wednesday and you know what, I fell asleep in the middle of reading. Maybe because I read on the bed.
    The evening class is just too far. A two hour class that feels like forever. Then go back to my room because I need to change from Baju Kurung to t-shirt and jeans. I feel a bit weird wearing jeans today as the other just wear slack and tracksuit. The activity is to help clean the prayer room and it's not very succesful because we don't have the things that we need.
    I had something delicious for breaking fast, its a bit spicy. Then its homework time! Exciting yeay. Before going to sleep, I watch How I Met Your Mother because I need something to make me laugh.
A x

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